Perushev & Khmelev
We code complex
digital products
Sergey Merkulov, Danil Perushev, Egor Khmelev
Sergey Merkulov, Danil Perushev, Egor Khmelev

Product development phases

  1. Brief
    Short description of the product covering the major features and the use cases. In most cases it is done in-house however we can create it for.
  2. Specification
    Detailed review of the product which covers all the possible features and use cases as well as technical requirements. Designers and developers use this document to estimate the costs for their respective work. Create your own spec or request us to develop it for you.
  3. Design
    We do not create design. Clients typically approach us when they already have layouts or they’re in process of creating them.
    However, we may recommend you the trustworthy studios or freelancers we worked with.
  4. Development
    This is our specialization. We code websites and mobile apps. Please check out the stack of the technologies we use. To get a quote on your product send us test specification or design layouts.
  5. Support
    We do support most of the projects we have coded. Our clients tend to like continuing working with us. In some cases we can start supporting projects we did not originally coded. Show us your product and we can discuss it.


  • react.js
  • react native
  • next.js
  • typescript
  • apollo client
  • redux
  • styled-components
  • adaptive & responsive design
  • accessibility
Backend (API & Admin UI)
  • ruby on rails
  • rspec
  • postgresql
  • elasticsearch
  • json api
  • amazon aws
  • semantic ui
  • nginx
  • docker
  • ansible
  • graphql
  • jquery