Perushev & Khmelev
We code complex
digital products
Sergey Merkulov, Danil Perushev, Egor Khmelev
Sergey Merkulov, Danil Perushev, Egor Khmelev

Product development phases

  1. Brief
    Short description of the product covering the major features and the use cases. In most cases, it is done in-house, however, we can create it for you.
  2. Specification
    Detailed review of the product which covers all the possible features and use cases as well as technical requirements. Designers and developers use this document to estimate costs for their work. Create your own spec or request us to develop it for you.
  3. Design
    We do not create designs. Clients typically approach us when they already have layouts, or they are in the process of creating them.
    However, we can recommend trustworthy studios or freelancers we have worked with.
  4. Development
    This is our specialization. We code websites and mobile apps. Please check out the stack of technologies we use. To get a quote on your product, send us your specification or design layouts.
  5. Support
    We do support most of the projects we have coded. Our clients tend to like continuing working with us. In some cases, we can start supporting projects we did not originally code. Show us your product, and we can discuss it.


  • react.js
  • react native
  • next.js
  • typescript
  • apollo client
  • redux
  • styled-components
  • adaptive & responsive design
  • accessibility
Backend (API & Admin UI)
  • ruby on rails
  • rspec
  • postgresql
  • elasticsearch
  • json api
  • amazon aws
  • semantic ui
  • nginx
  • docker
  • ansible
  • graphql
  • jquery
  • Product Science

    "P&K team delivered a remarkable outcome under intense time constraints. They have also surpassed expectations with their technical and product expertise. This agency comes highly recommended for those in need of fast prototype development."

    David Liberman
    Co-founder and CEO

    "Working with the agency is a blast. It is a pleasure to communicate, to overcome obstacles together. They participate in our project with sincere empathy, not only regarding their part, but our own business goals as well. Without their talent and skills, would never have happened, or at least it wouldn’t be as solid and easy to use".

    Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky
    • WINEST

      "I switched between four development teams before I finally partnered with P&K. All the previous developers, recognizing that I wasn’t well-versed in coding, tried to convince me that the essential solutions for my business were “technically impossible to implement.” However, P&K’s approach, combined with their top-notch skills, enabled me to achieve my objectives without any “compromises.” I must also emphasize their exceptional management, which allows clients like me to plan product development stages without needing to understand the nitty-gritty of development. I first collaborated with them to develop the first version of product, and ever since, I’ve continued working closely with them for its ongoing development."

      Igor Podster
      Fellow Kids
    • Stork Club

      "Perushev&Khmelev agency is one of the best in the world, this is the reason why we being based in the heart of the Silicon Valley choose to work with them. We were looking for the out of the box solution and P&K found it, deployed and saved us a lot of money. Everything was on time and the communication was perfect. Let me put it this way: if you start working with P&K we will never work with anybody else".

      Evgeniya Mayorskaya
      Founder and CEO
    • I Love Supersport

      "I needed to gather 5 sport disciplines and 59 regional offices within one website and CMS. It was a challenging task. P&K made it! It’s hard to believe but they made it and made it really well! Highly recommended!"

      Max Zhurilo
    • Arzamas

      "We do create the best mobile app in the world with P&K. Working with them is daily magic. If you are a humanitarian who is reaching into the future and asking these ridiculous questions about the present, the best place for you to get the answers is this agency. This is your chance to get the magic results".

      Filipp Dzyadko
      Radio Arzamas
      • Garage

        "We are grateful to the Perushev & Khmelev agency for the development of the new website of Contemporary Art Museum Garage. With their unique experience in coding, they have offered a completely new product for us and brought it to life".

        Anton Belov
        Director, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
        • V–A–C

          The guys pulled off the task of making a site with an incredibly intricate structure and lots of complex visual solutions. I would particularly like to note that the guys have no "impossible": they searched for solutions to every challenging task. Thank you so much for your patience, for the easy communication, and for all the alterations we came up with in the process.

          Alexander Kalashnikov
          V-A-C Foundation Web Department Art Director
          V–A–C Foundation
          • Catery

            "A big part of our business is handled offline — dozens of business processes, integrations w/ our caterers, w/ our accounting dep. P&K got to the bottom of every little detail. They even participated in conf. calls with our legal team and consultants. Expensive? — Yes. Worth it? — Hell yeah!"

            Dmitry Fedorov
            • "Way Out" Charity Foundation

              "We have been looking for a reliable contractor for a long time. We found P&K agency and this is the only company we want to work with onwards. The agency which listens to you, talks to you in terms you are capable to understand and deliver the best results is truly unique. We have never worked with the developers who can do all this".

              Yunna Bakal
              Media projects Director, "Way Out" foundation
              • Institutе of Music Initiatives (IMI)

                "Working alongside P&K Agency, our Institute has developed a well-rounded digital hub, offering a range of media, online services, and customized digital projects for musicians. This level of educational website is unique in the music industry. Collaborating with the P&K team has been a positive experience, as they are not only efficient and proactive, but also approachable. I would recommend considering P&K for your projects".

                Artem Atanesyan